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Terminalia arjuna benefits:
Because of its Kashaya rasa – astringent taste, it acts as Stambhana, useful in bleeding disorders, it heals fracture and wounds quickly.
Because of its astringent and styptic properties, it is also used in pus in urine, UTI and dysentery.
PittaKapha Vrana – useful to relieve ulcers and wounds due to Pitta and Kapha imbalance
Medohara – reduces fat and cholesterol levels
Mehahara – useful in urinary tract disorders and diabetes
Hrudroga – useful in cardiac disorder
Bhagna – quickly heals fracture
Kshata – useful in chest injuries
Kshayahara – useful in chronic respiratory disorders, tuberculosis
Shramahara – Relieves tiredness, fatigue
Trushnahara – Relieves thirst
Asrajit – useful in bleeding disorders

Because of its astringent properties, it is used as ingredient in tooth powders. It helps to treat bleeding gums

Terminalia arjuna for heart, cholesterol and cardiovascular health –
Arjuna decreases LDL levels, and is also an excellent anti oxidant.


Terminalia Arjuna

Arjuna contains cardio-protective, hypolipidemic, anti-angina, and anti-atheroma properties. It is used to treat coronary artery disease, heart failure, hypercholesterolemia, and relief of angina pain.

Biological Name: Terminalia Arjuna
Sanskrit Name: Arjuna


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