Nutrition is very important for growth and development. Many illnesses such as malnutrition, anaemia, etc., can be eradicated by taking the required amount of nutrients. It is vital to know the nutritional value of foods that you consume daily. This article lists the top 10 practicing nutritionists in Delhi:

1. Komal Sharma

Dt Komal Sharma

Dt Komal Sharma is a leading nutritionist and entrepreneur. Her products and diet plans are available under the brand name Online Diet Lovers. She is a post graduate with specialization in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition from Punjab University Chandigarh, and has been in this field since 2011. Indian dietitian-cum-nutritionist Dt Komal Sharma is the managing director of “Online Diet Lovers.” She specializes in rare disorders like phenylketonuria, systemic lupus, avascular necrosis and treats better-known disorders like obesity, diabetes mellitus too.  Her specialties also include:

1. Clinical aspects and formulating the diets and counselling regarding diets
2. Specialization in critical care patient diets
3. Teaching Food Science and Nutrition
4. Organizing the Dietary Dept
5. Pediatric diets

People who know about food and its nutritive value is the best personality to tell you what to eat and when. So, get an appointment soon with her.

2. Ishi Khosla:

Ishi Khosla hails from Delhi and is the founder of Whole Foods, a popular store for nutrition needs. She once suffered from obesity at a very young age and started studying nutrition to lose weight in a healthy way. That got her interested in nutrition. She has worked as a nutritionist in the preventive cardiology unit of Escorts Heart Institute, Delhi which she quit to start Whole Foods.

3. Shikha Sharma:

She has an MBBS degree from Maulana Azad Medical College. She clinically diagnoses medical problems by the body’s constitution. The diet chart is co-created by her and her team of nutritionists.

4. Priyam Sharma:

Priyam Sharma is a post graduate in dietetic and food service management (DFSM). She did her dissertation on the World Food Program Food Consumption Pattern. She is the Chief Bariatric Coordinator/ Dietician at Primus Super Specialty Hospital, the Gastroenterology Dietician at Sarathi Health Care Private Limited and Clinical Nutritionist (PRIVATE CLINIC) at Dial-@-Dietician. Her past experience includes an internship at Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Sant Parmanand Hospital and Vinayak Hospital.

5. Neha Gupta:

 Neha Gupta is the Chief Nutritionist at N-lite, specializing in Therapeutic Nutrition, Sports Nutrition &Weight Management. She is the head of R&D and content generation for N-lite Nutrition & Health. Her past work experience includes work as a Diabetes Educator and Clinical Nutritionist at Fortis CDOC Center of Excellence for Diabetes, Metabolic Diseases & Endocrinology. She specializes in Diabetes Diet, Sports Nutrition, Weight management and Nutrition for children.

6. Sujata Govada:

7. Seema Singh:

Seema Singh is the Chief Clinical Nutritionist & HOD at Fortis Hospitals. Her past experience includes Head Nutritionist at Alchemist Health Institute (hospital). She has also worked as senior Nutritionist at Artemis Health Institute and as a Dietetic Intern at AIIMS. She was given the award for BEST DIETICIAN in Delhi & NCR by Time Research Media in 2011.

8. Dr. Amrita Dhar:

Dr. Amrita Dhar is the HOD & Chief Dietician at Chief Dietician. She has worked as Nutritionist for various freelance nutrition services .Her past experience includes work at ZENTA as a nutritionist. She has also worked with L.H Hirananadani hospital. She was also the nutritionist for RAMADAS 5 star at Dubai.

9. Dr. Chandra Shekhar:

Dr. Chandra Shekhar is the Dairy Nutritionist (India)-ANH at DSM Nutritional Products India Pvt Ltd., at DSM Nutritional Products India Pvt Ltd. He has previously worked as business development manager-dairy at Hester Biosciences limited, Ahmadabad, Gujarat, and as the head of business development at Innoves Animal Health Pvt Ltd. He was also the key accounts manager-Livestock & Canine at Vetnex (A Pfizer Group Company).

10. Rohini Saran:

Rohini Saran is the consultant for Nutrition Resource Platform – Knowledge Management at NIPCCD, MINISTRY OF WOMEN AND CHILD DEVELOPMENT ( MWCD) as well as the Consultant Nutritionist at Freelance Nutrition/ Health Writer. She has worked as Clinical Dietician at Apollo Hospitals and Research Associate at Glaxo Smith Kline.

These are some of the best nutritionists in Delhi. Those dealing with obesity or anorexia, or any other health related issues are recommended to consult a nutritionist for a healthier lifestyle