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This is a Vegetarian product. DON’T CHEW JUST SWALLOW…early in morning with warm water and evening after dinner . This will help you to control sugar.!

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  • Get 400/- off on Order of Two Bitmond C Products.

  • Receive Blood Glucose Meter (Diabtek-MH 007) worth 1400/- for the order of 4 Bitmond C Packs  



Bitmond C(TM) benefits can be revealed by looking into the health effects of chemical substances that the fruit contains. There are at least seven active ingredients of Bitmond C(TM) that are known to be beneficial for the health: flavonoid, saponin and alkaloids. We will look into the health benefits of the 7 active ingredients below.

Flavonoid is a phenolic compound that contains many pigments of the plants. Flavonoid is beneficial for human especially because it is an antioxidant that exterminates free radicals and toxins and improves immune system. The anti-oxidizing properties of the flavonoid content of Bitmond C(TM) make the fruit effective for fighting various diseases caused directly or indirectly by oxidation, such as LDL buildup, high blood pressure, Diabetes and heart problem.

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