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The Benefits of Super Shatavari Veggie
1. Shatavari is best cleansing and healing herb according to Charaka Samhita.
2. Nutritional studies prove Ayurvedic benefits of Shatavari of antioxidants.
3. It’s a low calorie source of potassium and folate –again backing Ayurvedic cleansing properties.
4. It’s Hridya (cardio tonic). Modern study reveals component called homocysteine that helps preventing heart problem.
5. It’s mootral (potent diuretic) according to Ayurveda and hence good in renal impairment
6. Ayurveda classifies this stunning herb as safest and best laxative.


Asparasht(TN) While innumerable benefits are now believed by modern medical experts, the properties of this wonderful herb have been illustrated hundreds of years back in texts of Ayurveda Paakashashtra (cooking book). Asparasht(TN) is one of the most innocent herbs that have multiple benefits in human body. Ayurvedic scholars in many parts of India advise patients to prepare Super Shatavari Veggie for several benefits.

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